If you are in a modern business, then you better get tech savvy at the earliest. Whether you sell products or help out people with value-added services, marketing your business is an imperative in today’s competitive environment. If you have in-house software professionals, then an enticing and high quality mobile app is not a big deal. Since many businesses do not have this option, the best alternative way is mobile app development outsourcing by a top mobile app development company.

Hiring the most efficient mobile application development services becomes a top priority to drive sales and build up a market reputation for your business. A systematic approach has to be followed along with time tested guidelines in order to succeed in this endeavor to accrue benefits such as cost efficiency and tech-driven services of high value.

The most suitable mobile app developer may not be easy to find if you are unaware of the advantages and pitfalls. It is essential that you follow a step-by-step approach to gathering information in order to make the right choice regarding the current outsourcing needs of your company or business for mobile application development.

Put your business acumen to test and devise the most apt and ideal plan for the mobile app. Take the assistance of imaginative colleagues who have visualization skills and comprehensive knowledge of the business process to come up with fresh ideas for the mobile application. Approach the app development team only after you have the plan, layout, forms and other precise requirements of the mobile app ready at hand. A clear vision is an essential requirement to make your app successful in the vibrant online market with heavy competition.

Understand and Outline the Scope and Requirements of Your App

1. Objective

The mobile app has to serve a specific and well defined business purpose. Be sure of the core concepts and features irrespective of the type of app. Clever analysis of research data is essential whether you need a snazzy game app or a hybrid social media app for a large market. Make sure that your app has prime marketing qualities such as simplicity, upload speed, and a rich design.

2. Niche Market

Have a brainstorming session with the sales and marketing personnel to decide your target audience. Creating a buzz in the online market for your mobile app requires trendy logos, fashionable look and feel, as well as efficient service delivery. Be sure if you are developing the app for a niche market or a more general mass market.

3. Cost-Benefit Analysis

Carefully weigh the pros and cons of the mobile app vis-a-vis costs and benefits. Make a firm and early decision on the estimated cost. Research the market pricing trends and outlook for valuable inputs.

4. Software Specifications

The choice of mobile platform can make or break an app. Be selective and opt for the platform most suitable for your product such as iOS or Android. If you have overwhelming budgetary constraints, then you may want to choose between native, hybrid, or web app to cut down on development costs.

Hire a Reliable Mobile App Development Outsourcing Company

The major obstacle faced by any business while outsourcing its mobile app development is finding the right kind of developer. There are many software solution providers with considerable pedigree and experience. Simplify the challenges and make use of time tested guidelines to find a reliable and efficient mobile app development outsourcing company. India is home to many of the best software developers and you can find efficient developers at affordable prices.

1. Development Portfolio

Research the experience and expertise level of the development team. Check their previously developed apps and assess their functionality and UI/UX. Carefully assess the developers ability to comprehend the project demands as well as cross-platform coding expertise, flexibility and skill sets. You may have to work with the app development team for some time, so relationships skills and comfort factor are also necessary.

2. Interest Level

Coding, UI/UX, and communication skills are not sufficient to judge the app developers. Be sure of the interest level of the development team and more importantly their motivation level and desire to complete the project on time.

3. Background Check

Confident developers do not hesitate in providing the contact details of previous clients. Contact these clients for feedback and do a thorough background check of the outsourced app developers. Hire only reliable developers who are willing to work in a professional and time bound manner.

4. Personal Care

Personal involvement and attention during app development are useful to make your venture a huge success. Be ready with a complete project development life cycle plan including conceptualization, UI/UX design, coding, integration, testing, marketing and launch. Ensure speedy implementation by providing positive feedback without obstructing the work schedule of the developers. A successful app will have all the significant features, tools, appearance, feel, and functionalities.

5. Confidentiality Clause

Do not leave anything to chance and ensure that the app developers sign a professional contract. Ensure that the documentation has references to source code security, patents, privacy policy, terms & conditions, payment mode and other legal terms.

6. Modern Communications

Make effective use of modern communication devices such as video conferencing, mailing lists, online chats, and hangouts. Ensure that there are no bugs in the mobile app, and keep a steady eye on the project delivery dates.

7. Future Costs

Sometimes, it pays to factor in the future costs of mobile app maintenance, implementation, possible app updates, taxes, and other extra charges.


Mobile app development outsourcing becomes a success only if you clearly identify all the core features of the app. Find a competent developer with good reputation and draw up the design layout and plan. Take active interest during the implementation stage and ensure project completion on time for early market release and quick returns on investments.

Originally published by Conduit Softwares as How to make your Mobile App Development Outsourcing Successful and Profitable